About Us

Welcome to the Soul-Centered Collaborative. 

We are nonprofit leaders with over 15 years experience on the frontlines. We teach organizations how to implement equitable and anti-oppression principles and practices with intention, ensuring that all stakeholders thrive. 

Organizations that are ready to shed traditional models (i.e., white-dominant, hierarchical, non-profit industrial complex ways of being) reach out to us to create more humanizing and self-actualizing alternatives. 

Clients reach out to us when they are ready to break patterns of harm and challenge conventional systems. We assess the organization, create recommendations based on their expressed need, raise greater awareness (individually and organizationally), interrupt the status quo, and offer skills and methods that support individual behavior change and long-term cultural change.

Everything we do is coupled with an extraordinary commitment to justice and a vision for radical equity. 

As a group of collaborators, we work independently and collectively to advance social change.

We would love to work with you. It’s time. Reach out for a free consultation through our “Contact Us” page.