(Diversity) Equity & (Inclusion)

(Diversity) Equity & (Inclusion) are the issues of our time, especially for nonprofits who serve diverse communities. While most organizations talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion, we (at Abundant Nonprofits) think equity is central. If you are equitable in your practices, diversity and inclusion will follow. The Abundant Nonprofits team sees equity as mission critical.

We will work with your team to create equity plans and strategies. We will create customized learning plans that include racial, restorative, and healing justice ideas and values that can be practiced and implemented within your organization and in relationship with your stakeholders. We want to move nonprofits from models of scarcity and fear to models of expansion and abundance. We want to support you in serving diverse communities/populations with compassion, awareness, and cultural humility. This work begins with your team.

Our workshops and project plans are always highly customized to meet your needs.