The Team

Damali Abena Robertson

I am Damali Robertson.

I’m on a mission to dismantle white supremacy culture in schools and workplaces. I believe we can replace the normalized conscious and unconscious harms found in these traditional systems and structures with equitable ideas and practices. 

I coach organizational leaders, support teams, and create workshops and presentations for individuals and groups who learn and work in spaces that struggle with safety and belonging. I partner with them to develop more equitable and transformative practices (beginning with inner work and readiness, first). 

I work with them to reimagine culture and interrupt the status quo. I share ideas, concepts, and new ways of being that support individual behavior change and long-term cultural change.

I question everything, using an anti-oppression lens. I believe in radical equity and live with a ‘restorative impulse.’ In my world, being “soul-centered” is a way of life.

Above all else, my identity markers are: Black woman of Afro-Caribbean descent; Jamaican by lineage, American by birth; Queer; Mother; Writer; Poet;  Eternal questioner and justice devotee; Intersectional being living beyond oppressive social constructs –  living into my values. My values are Love. Liberation. And Compassion.

Clients & Presentations:

  • Sacramento State, Continuing Studies
  • Alliance for Girls
  • KIPP King Collegiate High School
  • Heart and Soul Center of Light, Imagining Justice
  • Oakland Police Department. Walk a Beat in My Shoes grant
  • The Rotary Club, Nassau

Recent Interviews & Articles:

My Portfolio:

Certifications & Fellowships:

  • Practice in Transformative Action, Cohort 5
    • Year-long mindfulness certification
  • Interdisciplinary Writer’s Lab Fellow, 2019
  • UC Berkeley & Insight Prison Project, VOEG Program
    • Restorative Justice certifications