Damali (pictured left). Nakia (pictured right)

Damali Robertson

I am Damali Robertson.

I’m on a mission to dismantle white supremacy culture in schools and workplaces. I believe we can replace the normalized conscious and unconscious harms found in these traditional systems and structures with equitable ideas and practices. 

I coach organizational leaders, support teams, and create workshops and presentations for individuals and groups who learn and work in spaces that struggle with safety and belonging. I partner with them to develop more humanizing and affirming practices (beginning with inner work and readiness, first). 

I work with them to reimagine culture and interrupt the status quo. I share ideas, concepts, and new ways of being that support individual behavior change and long-term cultural change.

I question everything because change requires criticality. I believe in radical equity and live with a ‘restorative impulse.’

Above all else, my identity markers are: Black woman of Afro-Caribbean descent; Jamaican by lineage, American by birth; Queer; Mother; Writer; Poet;  Eternal questioner and justice devotee; My values are Love. Liberation. And Compassion.

Nakia Dillard

I am Nakia Dillard.

I am called to support women in making self-care a priority and leaping into their divine calling. I do this through providing private coaching, facilitating workshops, and hosting my Magnetic Woman Mastermind.

I am passionate and committed to partnering with women who are tired of putting themselves last on the priority list, and being overwhelmed with other people’s needs. They know and feel they have a calling and recognize it is time to answer it.

Is that you? Allow me to coach and hold space for you to gain Clarity, Confidence, Courage, and Creativity so that you can do what you love, feel more joy, and create the life you desire!

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